About Us

3D Scanning Hub is an Irish owned business and the leading provider of 3D scanning services in the country and further afield. We supply a wide range of services to suit your needs, as we have worked in many sectors, from engineering and pharmaceutical firms, to national museums, film production companies and many more.

Our goal is to inspire businesses and individuals to use these cutting edge technologies to work for them. The outcomes are a faster and more economical processes that produce superior results compared to traditional methods. We can look after every stage of your project, from the 3D modelling of your ideas, 3D scanning your original parts, and creating realistic visualisations.


Ireland Leading 3D Scanning & Printing Service!

3D Scanning

The process of converting a physical object into a precise digital polygon mesh.

File Conversion.

Converting the scan data from a polygon mesh to a workable nurbs model.

Reverse Engineering

This is making alterations to the existing model including minor fixes or changes.

3d printing

We have a wide range of 3D printers to suit your needs.
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Keith Davis

Managing Director

Jenny Davis

Marketing Director
Killian Long

Killian Long

Product Designer
Einar Vallejo

Einar Vallejo

Technical Director & Scanning Professional